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The Honda Civic is an awesome example how to make an affordable car look classy. So classy that you may actually believe it’s a sports car like Nissan GT-R, for instance.

Not Sports But Sporty

The regular Honda Civic, either sedan or coupe, could not be considered as a real sports car for obvious reasons – it is not designed for performance or racing. There is a better word to describe the car’s appearance – ‘sporty’. That’s when a car looks like a sports car but lacks the muscles, aerodynamics, and technology to compete with actual sports cars. So, Honda Civic is surely a ‘sporty’ one, especially if you keep in mind its price, but not a sports car in the essential meaning of the words.

is a honda civic a sports car

2016 Honda Civic Coupe © Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

High-Performance Editions

From time to time, Honda Civic receives high-performance editions like the Honda Civic Type R GT. These editions may be called sports cars because they are specially designed for racing. Unfortunately, Honda has a strict regional policy and it often happens that these editions don’t appear in North America at all.

2016 Honda Civic

This year’s Honda Civic has three major models: Honda Civic Sedan, Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan, and Honda Civic Coupe. Of course, the most sporty-looking is the latter. The MSRP starts at $18,640 for the basic Honda Civic Coupe LX version. It is also listed in our Best New Car Deals Under $20,000 post.