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  • Tracey Renshaw

    my name is Tracey, my father has a 71 e type jaguar convertible cherry red and car show quality. He has won numerous awards for his car. It is the most beautiful car you will ever see, you can eat off the engine or any other part of this car. Yesterday he was hit on the 91 fwy in California and they did some pretty bad damage, he was stopped on the fwy the car behind the a young couple were busy texting and hit him at 40 miles an hour no brakes. I am looking for a Classic Car Restoration facility in California that can fix this car. My dad is 83 yrs old originally from Oldham England and has put 30 years of love, blood sweat and tears into this car. Please can anyone help me, it happened yesterday and it needs a professional to make sure that it is done correctly. No one can seem to suggest a place. please help it is heartbreaking as he was headed to a car show in Big Bear California. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tracey, I love my dad and this needs to be done right and a beautiful as it was. You can reach me at 424-222-4299 or TRACEYKIMRENSHAW@gmail.com Please any suggestions we are in Torrance, CA