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2016 GT-R NISMO once again sets the performance standard for legendary Nissan Supercar with 600 horsepower, Nürburgring-developed suspension

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

NISMO, Nissan’s motorsports and performance group, continues to burnish its legendary reputation. On the track, the new Nissan GT-R LM NISMO P1 car – the ultimate expression of GT-R – is going against the world’s best in global endurance racing. On the street, the 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO continues to hold court as the most potent production vehicle in Nissan history. Practically a race car in street clothing, the GT-R NISMO was designed to explore the upper limits of performance.

Available in very limited numbers in North America, the 600-horsepower** GT-R NISMO joins the established 2016 GT-R Premium and GT-R Black Edition vehicles in the GT-R lineup. For full information on the entire 2016 Nissan GT-R line, please see

The GT-R NISMO model itself was inspired by a NISMO-prepped GT-R racecar that competed successfully at the 2012 Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race in near- production form. And, as proof of concept, in late October 2013, a “time attack” GT-R NISMO*** was driven to a new volume production car and Nissan GT-R Nürburgring record of 7 minutes, 8.679 seconds around the famed road course.

Not surprisingly then, the GT-R NISMO places a strong emphasis on the “R” – as in racing – of the GT-R name. A quick glance at the GT-R NISMO specs shows how:

  • An additional 55 horsepower and 18 lb-ft of torque (versus standard GT-R models)
  • A NISMO-tuned suspension with reduced weight and additional roll stiffness
  • The addition of adhesive bonding (in addition to spot welding) for increased body shell rigidity
  • NISMO-tuned aerodynamic exterior elements designed to increase downforce, including carbon fiber trunklid and spoiler, carbon fiber front and rear bumpers and lower front undercover
  • Ergonomically sculpted Recaro® front bucket seats
  • NISMO racing-style Alcantara®-trimmed three-spoke steering wheel with red center mark, designed to provide the best combination of feedback, grip and comfort

Innovative, Uncompromising Engineering

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO employs innovation, uncompromising engineering and motorsports-inspired technologies to achieve its exceptional levels of power, speed and handling. Under the hood, the 3.8-liter V6 VR38DETT engine benefits from the expertise that NISMO has gained from participating in motorsports events around the globe. Engine power has been increased (versus standard GT-R models) and is rated at 600 hp and 481 lb-ft of torque. High-flow, large diameter turbochargers, used in GT3 competition, improve breathing, while optimized individual ignition timing control for each cylinder and upgraded fuel pump improve combustion.

As with all 2016 GT-R models, each GT-R NISMO engine is hand-assembled from beginning to end in a special clean room by specially trained technicians, a process similar to racing powerplant construction. An aluminum plate is added to the front of each engine showing the name of the “Takumi” engine craftsman.

The engine features innovative plasma-sprayed bores (versus cast iron liners) for reduced friction, lighter weight, enhanced cooling, power output and fuel efficiency; a symmetrical independent intake and exhaust manifold system featuring twin NISMO-specific high-performance IHI turbochargers; a secondary air management system for improved cold-start emissions performance; a thermostatically controlled oil-cooling system; an oil scavenger pump to maintain oil flowing to the turbochargers; and a lateral wet and dry sump oiling system. The GT-R NISMO’s fuel economy is rated at 16 mpg city and 22 mpg highway.

A special factory tuned Titanium exhaust system is optionally available. The system is made of Formula 1 race car grade titanium (Ti-1Cu), with its alloy construction generating a high strength-to-weight ratio and delivering a weight savings over the stock exhaust unit – along with a clear sound that is unique to titanium. The system offers reduced thickness, integrated fins and undercover ducts, allowing it to endure high temperatures without affecting performance under extreme driving conditions.

The VR38DETT V6 is backed by an advanced paddle-shifted sequential 6-speed dual clutch transmission, which can be driver selected to shift at race car-like speeds. The sequential-shifting transaxle features separate wet clutches for the odd (1,3,5) and even (2,4,6) gears and pre-selects the next highest and next lowest gear for quick shifts.

It also features Hill Start Assist for easy starts on uphill inclines. High performance differential oil, used in GT-R motorsports competition, is standard.

Along with Nissan GT-R’s unique Premium Midship platform, the GT-R NISMO utilizes an independent rear transaxle ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system, which optimizes weight distribution and handling capability. The rear drive-biased system can vary torque split from 0:100 to 50:50 depending on speed, lateral acceleration, steering angles, tire slip, road surface and yaw rate.

Of note is a special GT-R-specific yaw-rate feedback control, which measures the differences between the target yaw rate calculated from steering angle and actual yaw rate detected by the yaw-rate sensor and G sensor to adjust torque bias.

The Premium Midship Platform layout places the transmission, transfer case and final drive at the rear of the vehicle, without the use of traditional torque tubes, allowing the suspension to operate independently and optimizing tire grip at each corner. Contributing to overall vehicle balance and low center of gravity, the unique offset input and reaction shaft design of the rear transaxle enables a shorter design profile versus a typical manual transmission, moving the concentration of powertrain weight lower in the vehicle.

The GT-R NISMO’s suspension set-up is inspired by that of the NISMO racing GT-R and tuned for stunning agility, road holding and handling finesse, without compromising refinement. The springs and custom-developed Bilstein DampTronic dampers in the front and rear suspension are specially tuned to deliver exceptional grip levels and progressive handling response at the limit. Three suspension modes can be selected: Comfort, Normal and R, for circuit applications.

Specially developed links fitted to the front double wishbone suspension increase castor trail to optimize wheel position during high-G cornering and improve straight-line and cornering stability.

Additionally, large high-rigidity bolts are used to increase stiffness of the wheel-hub attachment area. To minimize body-roll during cornering and changes of direction, the Nissan GT-R NISMO features a 17.3 mm hollow rear anti-roll bar, which raises roll stiffness while reducing weight.

Increased rigidity in the body shell is achieved using adhesive bonding in addition to spot welding leading to precise suspension response under extreme load – another NISMO “factory tuned” enhancement.

The rigid forged metallic black 6-spoke RAYS® forged lightweight aluminum 20-inch wheels, manufactured by RAYS®, are inspired by Nissan’s legendary GT500 racecar. They feature knurling inside the wheels to help keep the tires from slipping around the wheels under heavy acceleration or braking.

The GT-R NISMO’s tires – developed by Dunlop with a NISMO-specific compound – exhibit outstanding grip and handling characteristics. The front tires are 255/40 ZRF20, with 285/35 ZRF20 in the rear.

Exclusive Styling with Improved Aerodynamics

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation techniques to analyze airflow, NISMO developed an aero package for the GT-R NISMO that improves road holding and minimizes the negative impact of drag, while giving the car a more menacing and muscular appearance.

Together, the front bumper, engine undercover and carbon rear spoiler increase downforce, lowering the center of gravity and generating an additional 220 pounds of downforce (at 185 mph) compared to the standard GT-R models. The car’s aerodynamic characteristics are tuned to ensure the downforce is equally spread front to rear at all speeds for progressive handling characteristics. A widened front bumper configuration and elongated yet tapered rear bumper design keep the drag to Cd 0.26, same with that of standard Nissan GT-R.

The GT-R NISMO’s handmade dry carbon rear spoiler features a special coating that allows carbon fiber “weave” to be felt by the touch. The lightweight dry carbon fiber material is also incredibly strong.

The GT-R NISMO’s strong visual impact includes High Intensity Discharge (HID) multi-LED headlights, which help create a distinctive GT-R “lightning” motif, generating a bold exterior signature. The four LED units are configured with LED high beam and three different low beams, including long distance illumination and wide illumination.

At the rear, GT-R’s distinctive four-ring taillight signature now forms coherent circles of illumination, giving the GT-R an equally distinctive rear appearance. Upon start-up, the full lighting signature is illuminated, creating a dramatic start-up procedure.

The Nissan GT-R NISMO is available in four body colors: Jet Black, Solid Red, Pearl White and a limited production 4-stage metallic Super Silver, which accentuates the car’s imposing exterior muscularity. GT-R’s advanced technology is present even in the vehicle’s paint, which utilizes a durable anti-chip paint and “double clear coat” process.

A Racing-Inspired Cockpit

The Nissan GT-R NISMO cockpit inspires driver confidence through both its craftsmanship and optimized driving position. Ergonomically sculpted, heated, reclining RECARO® seats comfortably, yet firmly, support the driver and front-seat passenger.

NISMO racers influenced the design of the steering wheel, which is dressed in Alcantara®, with three spokes, red center mark and red stitching to give the best combination of grip, feedback and comfort. The combi meter has carbon-like finish, and tachometer features a red design. The meter hood is also dressed with Alcantara®. Interior trim features include discreet red stitching on the seats, center console, door trim and steering wheel.

As with all 2016 GT-R models, the GT-R NISMO’s instrument panel is dominated by a video game-inspired, multi-function display that was created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, makers of the Gran Turismo electronic game. Eleven pages of information are available on this system, including mechanical and driving information, acceleration, brake pedal pressure, steering angle and a recording function with playback.

Additional on-screen information includes a Navigation system and Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System. The navigation system includes NavTraffic Real-Time Traffic Information and NavWeather capabilities (SiriusXM® subscription required, sold separately).

All 2016 GT-R models include a specially designed, 11-speaker Bose® audio system that features two forward-facing woofers in the rear center armrest area. Rigid aluminum die cast panel mounting of all speakers allowed Bose® engineers to perfect the acoustical performance of the GT-R sound system. Streaming Audio via Bluetooth® is also standard.

Standard GT-R NISMO safety equipment includes a Nissan Advanced Air Bag System for driver and front passenger, front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags for driver and front-passenger and standard roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags for front seat occupant head protection – along with front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters and three-point ELR/ALR rear seat belts.

One Exclusive Model

The 2016 Nissan GT-R NISMO is available in one limited edition model with just one available option, the Titanium Exhaust System. It is assembled in Tochigi, Japan, with the engines hand-assembled in Yokohama, Japan.


NISMO, a short form of “NISsan MOtorsports,” is the performance brand for Nissan, and is one of the company’s purveyors of “innovation that excites.” NISMO offers products featuring innovative technology and high performance to a wide range of customers for street use. NISMO cars provide an exciting driving experience with motorsports-inspired aerodynamics and styling, enhanced handling characteristics and unmatched agility.

In the motorsports world, NISMO competes in the highest forms of GT and sports car racing, such as Japan’s Super GT Series and the World Endurance Championships (WEC), as well as providing engines to teams that compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the European Le Mans Series (ELMS). In 2015, the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO will compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship, which includes the Le Mans 24 Hours.


List Price (1)
GT-R Premium3.8 Liter V6$ 101,770
GT-R Black Edition3.8 Liter V6$ 111,510
GT-R NISMO3.8 Liter V6$ 149,990



Cam configurationDOHC
Cylinders / configurationV6
Block / head compositionAluminum/Aluminum
Displacement (liters)3.8
Horsepower600 @ 6,800 RPM ***
Torque lb-ft481 lb-ft @ 3,200 – 5,800 RPM ***
Bore & stroke (mm)95.5 x 88.4 (Plasma sprayed bore)
Compression ratio (:1)9.0
Maximum engine speed7,000 RPM
Induction systemSequential multi-point electronic fuel injection
Valvetrain4 valves per cylinder, CVTCS
TurbochargerHigh-capacity IHI SpecV Twin-Turbo system
Engine mounts2 liquid-filled, side; 1 rubber, rear, 1
electronically controlled liquid-filled, front
Recommended fuelPremium unleaded, 93 octane
Emissions system2 catalytic converters
Emission certification levelLEV2/ULEV (50 state)
ExhaustDual system, 4 outlets (2 each side)
Transmission and Drive System 
Drive configurationMid-mounted front engine /
rear transaxle ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive
TransmissionDual clutch sequential 6-speed rear transaxle, magnesium paddle shifters, gear pre-selection
Gear ratio 
Final drive ratioFront: 2.937, Rear: 3.700
DriveshaftsCarbon composite
Manual/Automatic modesS
Configurable Shift ControlS
Downshift Rev Matching (DRM)S
1.5-way mechanical limited slip differentialS
Traction Control System with Limited SlipS
Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)S
Snow-mode functionS
Hill Start Assist (HSA)S
Yaw Rate Feedback ControlS
FrontTypeBrembo® six piston monoblock calipers, fullfloating, vented and drilled rotors
Rotor size diameter and thickness (in.)15.35 x 1.28
RearTypeBrembo® four piston monoblock calipers, fullfloating, vented and drilled rotors
Rotor size diameter and thickness (in.)15.0 x 1.18
Brake controlPower-assisted (vacuum)
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)S
Number of wheels4
Number of channels4
Number of sensors4
Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)S
Brake AssistS
Parking brakeHand-operated
Brake cooling air guide (front and rear)S
TypeVehicle speed-sensitive power rack-and-pinion,
aluminum steering rack, four-point mounting,
with stiff insulators
Overall ratio15:1
Turns (lock to lock)2.4
Turning diameter (ft.)36.6
Steering wheel3-spoke leather-wrapped with air bag, manual
tilt and telescoping, lap timer switch
NISMO Dark Gray steering wheel with red
stripe and Alcantara® accents
Steering wheel ASCD, audio and Bluetooth®
NISMO-tuned suspension with unique shock
absorber settings and high spring rates
FrontIndependent double wishbone aluminum, integral tube-frame structure, six-point
RearIndependent multi-link aluminum suspension, integral tube-frame structure, six-point
mounting, aluminum upper/lower links
(spherical bearing design)
Large-diameter (34 mm) hollow front stabilizer barS
Large-diameter (17.3 mm) hollow rear stabilizer barS
Bilstein® DampTronic mono-tube shock absorbers, computer controlled, 3-position driver adjustableS
Progressive rate (non-linear) springsS
High-accuracy alignment, fully adjustableS
Body / Chassis 
Materials (primary)Steel, carbon fiber, die-cast aluminum
Additional adhesive bondingS
PlatformPremium-Midship (PM)


Wheels & Tires  
WheelsF: 20x10.0 inches, R: 20x10.5 in.S
Lightweight 6-spoke RAYS®
aluminum-alloy forged, black finish
TiresDunlop® Sports Maxx GT600 ultra
high performance run-flat tires
F: 255/40ZRF20,
R: 285/35ZRF20
NISMO-specific compound
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS),
pressure and position shown on multifunction
Headlights4-bulb LEDS
Integrated LED daytime
running lights
Auto on/offS
Taillights“GT-R” 4-ring LEDS
Spoiler-mounted LED center
high-mount stop lamp
Exterior Features 
NISMO aerodynamic package with unique
carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, Dark
Gray outside mirrors with red stripe, carbon
fiber side sill covers
Functional rear underbody diffuserCarbon fiber
Dry carbon fiber rear spoiler*S
Front spoiler with carbon fiber air ductS
Carbon fiber trunk lidS
Front “aero-blade” fenders with ventsS
Aerodynamic front underbody coverS
Integrated, flush mounted aluminum door
UV-filtering front and rear side glass,
laminated UV-reducing windshield
Folding side mirrors, power/power folding,
Revised front and rear fasciasS
Body-color bumpersS
Dark Gray grilleS
Aerodynamic flat-blade windshield wipers,
variable intermittent, speed-sensitive
Anti-chip paint processS


Capacity4 passengers
Front Seat TypeBucket, sport style, with accommodation for 4-
point safety harness
NISMO-exclusive Recaro® leather-appointed
front seats with Alcantara® accents, red
Red seat backs, shift knob, door gripS
Leather/synthetic suede front seat
Heated seatsS
Driver's seat8-way powerS
Front Passenger's seat4-way powerS
Bose® audio system with 11 speakers (9
speakers with 2 subwoofers in rear center
armrest area) mounted in aluminum die-cast panels, AM/FM/CD with MP3/WMA playback
Bose® Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)S
Vehicle speed sensitive auto volume controlS
DVD video playbackS
SiriusXM® Satellite Radio (SiriusXM
subscription required, sold separately)
Nissan Navigation System, 7.0-inch color
display, touch screen functionality,
NavTraffic with Real-Time Traffic
Information, NavWeather
Bluetooth® Hands-free phone systemS
Streaming Audio via Bluetooth®S
USB iPod® interfaceS
Steering-wheel audio controls with
-Coolant temperature
-Fuel level
-LCD dual trip odometer
Red-accented tachometerS
Multi-Function Display system, (11 pages of
information) with playback feature
-Turbo boost
-Water and engine oil pressure
-Transmission oil temperature
-Front to rear drive distribution
-Steering position
-Brake and accelerator position
-Gearshift mapping for optimal economy
Convenience Features 
RearView Monitor
Cruise control (ASCD)
Power windows – driver and passenger onetouch
Power door locks
Remote keyless entry system
Intelligent key system
Cupholders – 3
12-volt outlets – 2
Passenger assist grip
Sunvisors w/ vanity mirrors and lamps
Front seat knee pads
Inside rear view mirror – auto-dimming
HomeLink® Universal Transceiver (UGDO)
Map light, door step lamp
Center console storage area
Automatic climate control, dual zone
3-position setup switches for suspension,
transmission and VDC
Console-mounted push-button start
Aluminum interior trim
Soft padding on instrument panel and doors
Carbon fiber interior trim

Safety and Security

Passenger Restraint System 
Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS)Driver and front passenger air bags with dualstage inflation, seat belt sensors and occupant
classification sensor
Driver and front passenger side impact
supplemental air bags and roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags for front seat occupant head protection
Seat belts, front and rear3-point (ALR/ELR for passengers, ELR for driver)
Front seatbelts w/pre-tensioners and load limitersS
Power window lockout buttonS
Rear seat top tether anchorsS
Impact Safety 
Zone Body Construction with front and rear crumple zones
Energy-absorbing steering column
Hood buckling creases
Knee bolsters
High-strength side door guard beams
Tamper proof door lock key cylinder
Vehicle Security System (VSS)


Exterior (inches)  
Overall length184.3
Overall width74.6
Overall height54.2
Track widthFront/Rear63.0/63.0
Coefficient of drag (Cd)0.26
Interior (inches)FrontRear
Head room38.133.5
Leg room44.626.4
Hip room54.744.9
Shoulder room54.350.0
Curb weight (pounds)Front2,121
Weight distribution (%) Front/rear55/45
4.7 Out of 5