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The success of the Nissan LEAF all-electric car would be impossible without a great market policy. The vehicle itself is not especially cheap but, in combination with various bonuses, you can get a really thrifty offer.

2016 Nissan LEAF

The MSRP of the Nissan LEAF starts at $29,010. While the price may seem considerably high for a compact hatchback without performance packages, it is a subject of huge cutbacks. Firstly, you can get up to $7,500 potential tax credit. Secondly, you can receive $4,000 NMAC cash if you apply for a loan. After all cutbacks, the Nissan LEAF’s potential net price can be as low as $17,510.

There are several trims that add to the cost a considerable amount of expenditures. If you want the SV trim with the bigger battery pack (30kWh instead of 24kWh), the MSRP will start at $34,200. If you want the SL trim (which is even better due to some additional but not essential features like automatic on/off LED low-beam headlights and fog lights), the MSRP will start at $36,790. The Premium Package with Around View Monitor and Bose Premium Audio System will cost additional $1,570. It is available only on the SV and SL trims.

how much does a nissan leaf cost

2016 Nissan LEAF © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nissan LEAF’s Generations

The Nissan LEAF debuted in December 2010. It is a relatively new car that hasn’t changed generations yet, although it is constantly evolving for better performance. The EPA-estimated range (on a full battery charge) increased from the starting 73 miles (117 km) in 2010 to 75 miles (121 km) in 2013, to 84 miles (135 km) in 2014, and to 107 miles (172 km) in 2016.

Nissan LEAF’s Future

The Nissan LEAF is the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable all-electric vehicle which means it has a very optimistic future. Probably, the Nissan LEAF will be the first in a series of all-electric vehicles that will succeed in a post-fossil fuel era.