Author: Steve Allen |

The world’s most respected commentators have declared the Rolls-Royce Dawn the most luxurious four-seater super-luxury drophead, as the international media launch in South Africa continues on the stunning roads of the Western Cape.

On evaluating the car in one of the world’s most beautiful and social hot spots, journalists have been unequivocal in their praise for the new Rolls-Royce. Dawn offers the most uncompromised open-top motoring experience in the world and begins a new age of super-luxury motoring, designed from the road up to deliver a striking, seductive encounter.

Quotes include:

“As the product of a 112-year-old company that defines luxury like no other brand in the world, the Dawn is unquestionably a triumph. Perhaps, even, its most self-assured car of the post-Phantom era.” The Telegraph

“…this super luxury cabriolet is arguably the sexiest Roll-Royce ever to hit the road embracing the true ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.” Daily Mail

“Rolls-Royces are the most sensual and immersive luxury car experiences available, bar none. In losing its roof, the Dawn adds an extra sensory dimension to the scenario. It’s utterly, bewitchingly magnificent.” Top Gear

“We have never ridden in a car of this layout that is so quiet or so smooth, or deals so brilliantly with the slings and arrows of difficult roads, with no handling compromises. In those respects, it simply sets a brand new standard.” AutoCar

“The new Rolls-Royce Dawn is exceptionally crafted, beautiful to drive and stunning to look at.” AutoExpress

“If ever there was a car in which it was better to travel than arrive, it’s the Rolls-Royce Dawn.” GQ Magazine

The launch of Dawn represents a seminal moment for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and promises to attract a new breed of successful, younger and dynamic customers through a highly contemporary, beautiful expression of Rolls-Royce aesthetics.

The launch coincides with imminent first customer deliveries and driving experiences. Feedback from customers around the world has been equally exceptional.