Author: Steve Allen |

Awarded Best Interior, Luxury CUV of Texas and CUV of Texas

The Volvo XC90 defended its title of CUV of Texas this year at the annual TAWA Truck Rodeo. In addition to CUV of Texas, the Volvo XC90 was also awarded Best Interior and Luxury CUV of Texas.

Already the most awarded SUV of the century, TAWA members cited the XC90’s uncluttered Scandinavian design and advanced safety features as two examples of why the XC90 has once again brought home the top honors.

The TAWA Truck Rodeo was held over a two day period in the scenic Texas Hill Country as 71 vehicles were tested both on and off-road. TAWA members evaluated the off-road vehicles while climbing rocks, crossing creeks and dodging exotic wildlife.