Author: Curtis Farrell |

30 years, from 1981 to 2011, the Lincoln Town Car was one of the most popular and biggest luxury sedans in the whole world. However, everything comes to an end. Discontinuation of the model was inevitable due to drastically decreasing sales since 1998.

what replaced the lincoln town car

2016 Lincoln MKS © Ford Motor Company

Lincoln MKS

The Lincoln MKS took the place of the biggest Lincoln sedan in 2012, three years after the initial debut. Since then, Ford started making the Lincoln MKS even bigger to bear the honorary title of the largest Lincoln sedan and one of the largest sedans overall in the world. It has little resemblance to the classic Lincoln Town Car, though. The difference is everywhere: in the exterior, in the interior, under the hood, even in features. Unfortunately, the model lived short due to poor sales. The current model year is the last one for the car.

what replaced the lincoln town car

2017 Lincoln Continental © Ford Motor Company

Lincoln Continental

It is funny how the marketing works. In 1981, the Lincoln Continental and the Lincoln Town Car were separated into two different models. The latter lived longer and was more successful after the separation. Even so, when the Lincoln Town Car failed and its successor Lincoln MKS didn’t live up to expectations, the Lincoln Continental reborn in the new car which will have the honor to be their successor. The all-new Lincoln Continental will go on sale this fall for the 2017 model year.