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The Cadillac CTS luxury sedan, the centerpiece of Cadillac’s expanded and elevated portfolio, receives new exterior appearance upgrades, technology features and streamlined trim levels for 2017.

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

Re-named for consistency across the Cadillac showroom, the new trim levels – CTS, Luxury, Premium Luxury, V-Sport and V-Sport Premium Luxury – move the Cadillac CTS more in line with recently launched Cadillac entries, the all-new Cadillac CT6 prestige sedan and all-new Cadillac XT5 luxury crossover.

Rear Camera Mirror, the industry’s first application of full-display technology, is available for 2017 models. Additional upgrades and enhancements for the Cadillac CUE infotainment system include new standard technologies like the myCadillac Mobile App, Teen Driver and Cadillac Collection.

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

A Carbon Black sport package, two exterior colors and two wheel designs – including an 18” V-Sport wheel – are also new for 2017, completing a compelling blend of performance and luxury.

The Cadillac CTS, which debuted as the current generation in 2014, has been named a Car and Driver “10 Best” for three years in a row and received Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award. Built on a unique rear-wheel drive chassis that also underpins the smaller ATS sedans and coupes, the CTS line-up included a performance CTS V-Sport model for the first time in 2014, and then added the much anticipated third-generation, high-performance CTS-V super sedan in 2016. Key aspects of the 2017 CTS range are detailed in the sections that follow.

CTS driving experience – tested at the track, ready for the road

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

Excellent power-to-weight ratios and suspension geometries honed at Germany’s famed Nurburgring track enabled engineers to advance the Cadillac CTS’s performance with greater feelings of feedback, control and response. The comparatively low curb weight helps make the most of the driving experience by allowing the use of lighter-weight chassis components, which reduces unsprung weight to enable more precise handling without compromising ride quality.

The Cadillac CTS sedan’s low mass and optimal brake sizes give it braking performance that is among the best in the segment, with standard Brembo front brakes.

Suspension and driver control highlights also include:

  • Multi-link MacPherson strut front suspension with a double-pivot design
  • Five-link independent rear suspension
  • Available all-wheel-drive
  • Premium electric, variable-assist power steering gear from ZF Steering Systems
  • Available Magnetic Ride Control real-time damping system
  • Choice of 17-, 18- and 19-inch aluminum wheels.

A number of aluminum components are used with the suspension system, while the rear suspension is mostly steel. That helps offset the weight of the engine and transmission at the front of the vehicle, helping the Cadillac CTS deliver its near-perfect weight balance and reduce noise and vibration.

Additionally, the Cadillac CTS’s all-wheel-drive system – available with the 2.0L Turbo and 3.6L V-6 – is designed to make the most of handling and stability in all driving conditions. It is an advanced, fully automatic and on-demand system that includes wheel-slip management.

The performance-oriented, rear-drive-only Cadillac CTS V-Sport is the perfect medium, in terms of performance and price, between the Cadillac CTS luxury sport sedan and the exclusive Cadillac CTS-V super sedan. The Cadillac CTS V-Sport features:

  • The Cadillac Twin Turbo V-6, SAE-certified 420 horsepower (313 kW) and 430 lb-ft of torque (583 Nm)
  • Eighteen-inch aluminum wheels with Pirelli summer-only performance tires for grip
  • Sport-tuned suspension with enhanced spring rates and stabilizer bars
  • One-inch-wider rear wheels with P275/35R18 tires
  • A quicker steering ratio with sport-tuned steering efforts and response
  • Race-inspired Brembo brakes
  • Heavy-duty track cooling package
  • Third-generation, segment-best Magnetic Ride Control (MRC)
  • Driver-selectable track mode with specific throttle progression and Magnetic Ride Control calibrations for track driving
  • Electronic limited-slip differential that enhances capability on the track – including optimal acceleration out of turns

Engines and transmissions – three powerful engines and two sophisticated paddle-shift eight-speed transmissions

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

The Cadillac CTS is lighter than its primary competitors, enabling the most agile driving dynamics in the class, and its range of power-dense powertrains underpins its performance.

At 134 hp/L, the 2.0L Turbo is one of the most power-dense engines in the industry, delivering 90 percent of its peak torque from 2100 rpm to 5400 rpm and the full 295 lb-ft of peak torque (400 Nm) from 3000 to 4500 rpm. The broad torque band is supported by boost levels as high as 18 psi (1.26 bar) in the speed range, which is designed to give the lightweight Cadillac CTS an exhilarating feeling of immediate power on demand.

The 3.6L V-6 is the most powerful naturally aspirated V-6 in its segment with SAE-certified output of 335 horsepower (250 kW) and 285 lb-ft of torque (386 Nm). Fuel-saving technologies include direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation). The Active Fuel Management system temporarily deactivates two of the 3.6L’s cylinders in light-load driving conditions to enhance fuel efficiency and seamlessly reactivate them when the driver demands full power.

Both the 2.0T and 3.6L V-6 feature the efficiency enhancing Stop/Start system. With the efficiency-enhancing Stop/Start system, the engine is shut down in certain driving conditions, such as stop-and-go city driving, to reduce fuel consumption, automatically restarting when the driver takes his or her foot off the brake pedal.

The Cadillac CTS V-Sport features the Cadillac Twin-Turbo V-6. Rated at an SAE-certified 420 horsepower (313 kW) and 430 lb-ft of torque (583 Nm), it provides CTS with a performance level between the CTS luxury sport sedan and the exclusive CTS-V super sedan. A 3.6L with 118 horsepower per liter (88 kW/liter), it is the most power-dense six-cylinder engine in the midsize luxury segment.

A pair of smaller turbochargers and an efficient charge air cooler on the Twin Turbo V-6 help provide immediate power delivery. Additionally, approximately 90 percent of the Twin-Turbo’s peak torque is available from 2,500 rpm to 5,500 rpm, giving the engine a broad torque curve that customers will feel as strong, willing power in almost all driving conditions, such as accelerating or overtaking traffic on the highway.

Matched to the new 3.6L V-6 engine and the 2.0L Turbo, a paddle-shift eight-speed automatic transmission drives performance on the Cadillac CTS sedan models. The CTS V-Sport is matched with a higher-capacity paddle-shift eight-speed automatic.

A wide, 7.0:1 overall ratio and numerically lower top gear on non-V-Sport and non-V-Series Cadillac CTS sedans offer an estimated 5-percent fuel economy benefit over a comparable six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission also features four simple gearsets for optimal efficiency and five clutches (two brake clutches and three rotating clutches) – creative packaging that enables them to fit the same space as the previous six-speed automatic, with lower weight.

World-class shift time quickness and responsiveness are accomplished with a Gen II controls system, which works with variable force solenoid technology and three internal speed sensors. The transmission controller is mounted externally and its processor executes hundreds of calculations and commands as fast as every 6.25 milliseconds.

Additionally, friction-reducing design features – including synthetic fluid – and lower spin losses via a powerflow that uses only two open clutches contribute further to efficiency. The torque converter design is also specific to each transmission.

Technology and Connectivity – technology upgrades for an enhanced, more connected ride

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

Cadillac CUE – the centerpiece of the Cadillac CTS’s comprehensive collection of technologies – including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto advanced smartphone integration and available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot – receives upgrades and enhancements for 2017. New standard technologies have been added, including the myCadillac Mobile App, Teen Driver and Cadillac Collection.

The available 13-speaker Bose® Surround Sound system features Centerpoint 2.0® surround technology, enabling listeners to enjoy an immersive sound experience from nearly any stereo source. This includes electronic sound enhancement that amplifies the car’s authentic powertrain sounds, as opposed to other manufacturers’ systems that pipe in recorded engine noises. The premium sound system also includes Bose Audio Pilot, which continuously monitors ambient sounds and adjusts the music volume and program content to optimize the listening experience.

The heart of Cadillac CUE is the eight-inch LCD multi-touch sensitive screen, integrated into the top of the central instrument panel. Cadillac CUE’s vibrant LCD screen resembles a smartphone’s screen, with large, easy-to-target icons to execute commands. Upgrades and enhancements in 2017 include in-vehicle apps via Cadillac Collection, partial name recognition, display of Advanced Park Assist, and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Cadillac CUE connectivity and convenience features also include Text Message Alerts for smartphone users with Bluetooth profile (M.A.P.) and Siri Eyes Free for iPhone. Each enables voice-controlled connectivity, helping to keep phones stored and hands on the wheel. Wireless phone charging is standard.

The enhancement to the Cadillac CUE system includes the introduction of in-vehicle apps available through Cadillac Collection. Similar to iTunes and Google Play Store, customers can access Collection and personalize their in-vehicle experience the same way they do with their smartphones. Apps downloaded from Collection are fully embedded in the infotainment system, enabling a true integrated user experience. Apps are not dependent on a phone and provide a deeper integration with the car’s features and its performance.

The introduction of Collection serves as a framework that allows the vehicle and ownership experience to get better over time. Apps can be seamlessly and intuitively downloaded to the vehicle utilizing an embedded OnStar 4G LTE connection. These apps can be automatically updated as new versions become available. Apps designed to enhance the driving experience will be added or updated over time and include popular music services, weather, news, and more.

Complementing Cadillac CUE to enhance the Cadillac CTS’s connectivity is OnStar 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspot. OnStar 4G LTE provides a mobile hub for drivers and passengers to stay connected. The hotspot is activated whenever the vehicle is on and comes with a three-month/three-gigabyte data trial. 4G LTE is the most current and fastest mobile data network – 10 times faster than 3G. Additionally, OnStar 4G LTE offers stronger, broader coverage than do smartphones on the same network.

At the time of purchase, six months OnStar Guidance includes all of OnStar’s advisor-based safety and security features, including Automatic Crash Response and Stolen Vehicle Assistance, as well as Turn-by-Turn navigation.

Cadillac owners can also opt-in to keep their vehicle connected at no cost for five years through the OnStar Basic Plan, including:

  • OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which runs monthly checks of a vehicle’s engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes and more
  • Dealer Maintenance Notification, which sends a diagnostic report directly to a preferred dealer, simplifying service scheduling
  • OnStar Smart Driver, which monitors driving behaviors and offers the opportunity to save money on insurance
  • AtYourService, which gives you access to a marketplace of localized money saving offers from nearby merchants

Cadillac’s 2017 model year products will feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the predominant new systems for in-car phone integration. Cadillac CUE provides owners a smart and simple way to access both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A “Projection” icon will appear on the Cadillac CUE screen to enable simpler, easier access to key smartphone functions, including navigation, contacts, hands-free text messaging and select applications supported by Apple or Google.

Apple CarPlay takes the iPhone features one would want to access while driving and puts them on the vehicle’s display in a smart, simple manner. This allows drivers to make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri. Apple CarPlay supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps, Music and compatible third party apps. A full list of those apps can be found at

Android Auto is built around Google Maps, Google Now and the ability to talk to Google, as well as a growing audio and messaging app ecosystem that includes WhatsApp, Skype, Google Play Music, Spotify, and podcast players. A full list of supported apps is available at

Many features can be controlled via voice commands through a steering wheel button, helping drivers spend more time with their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

The all-new myCadillac Mobile App combines the services available through the former myCadillac and OnStar RemoteLink® apps to allow customers to easily manage their vehicle ownership experience. Features on the new myCadillac Mobile App include roadside assistance, parking reminders, owner manual content, and vehicle diagnostics. In addition, users will be able to remotely control vehicle features, including the OnStar Wi-Fi® hotspot, remote start/stop, and remote door lock/unlock. The app is included for free for five years and is available in the U.S. and Canada through iTunes and Google Play Store.

Safety features – comprehensive safety features that see what the driver can’t

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

Available advanced safety technologies – including radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors – help protect occupants before, during and after a collision. The safety features bolster driver vision and awareness of road hazards, and can even assist to help the driver avert potential crashes.

Among the most sophisticated of the features is front and rear automatic braking, which automatically applies the brakes in potential collision situations to help reduce damage or help avoid a collision with vehicles directly in front or behind.

Many of the advanced safety features are bundled in the Driver Awareness and Driver Assist Packages. The Driver Awareness package is standard with Luxury, Premium Luxury, as well as V-Sport. It includes:

  • Safety Alert Seat
  • Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Lane Change Alert
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • IntelliBeam® high-beam control
  • Rainsense wipers

The Driver Assist package is available on Premium Luxury and included on V-Sport Premium Luxury and includes all of the Driver Awareness package content, plus:

  • Full-speed-range adaptive cruise control
  • Automatic safety belt tightening
  • Front and rear automatic braking

The advanced technologies complement the Cadillac CTS’s other safety features, including 10 standard air bags, safety belt pretensioners and load limiters, Rear Vision Camera, StabiliTrak electronic stability control system with full-function traction control and four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel ABS, patented Duralife FNC-treated brake rotors and auto-dry brake functionality.

The Cadillac CTS Sedan offers Automatic Parking Assist, which enables the car to park itself in parallel and perpendicular spaces. It uses ultrasonic sensors to locate a suitable space and maneuver the car into the space, with the driver only required to select the gear and apply the accelerator and brake pedals. Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist is standard.

Exterior design – new look, still long, lean and low

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

2017 Cadillac CTS © General Motors

The 2017 Cadillac CTS features an all-new grille design in the front fascia and an all-new rear fascia with vertical exhaust orientation and valence panel changes. The front fascia remains unchanged for the CTS V-Sport and CTS-V.

Linear elements, including an uninterrupted feature line that runs from the headlamps to the taillamps, emphasize the Cadillac CTS’s long, lean proportion and contribute three-dimensional qualities to its surface. CTS’s low height contributes to the world-class driving dynamics and the car’s sophisticated curb-appeal.

Cadillac’s signature bold vertical lighting elements, including LED front signature lighting details, evolve with headlamps that flow up and with the hood line. The headlamp housings incorporate crystalline LED light guides in the upper and lower forward corners, bringing uniform white illumination without hot spots and serving as the daytime running lamps.

Projector-beam halogen headlamps are standard and high-intensity discharge headlamps with Adaptive Forward Lighting are available.

The first-, second- and third-order bezel elements within the taillamp housings offer a distinctive rear signature for the Cadillac CTS when illuminated. LED lights within crystalline blade structures ensure a crisp, uniform appearance and the Cadillac script is etched in the upper illumination blade.

Additional exterior features include:

  • New 18-inch Ultra-bright machined with dark painted pockets alloy wheel design is standard on V-Sport and 17” wheel design in two finishes is standard on CTS
  • Cadillac’s upscale new grille design; Galvano chrome finish on CTS, Luxury and Premium Luxury grilles and a unique grille with black chrome accents on V-Sport and V-Sport Premium Luxury
  • Active aero grille shutters standard on CTS, Luxury and Premium Luxury (not included with Driver Assist package or V-Sport)
  • Available illuminating door handles with Galvano polished aluminum finish
  • Rainsense automatic windshield wipers included with Driver Awareness package
  • Seamless Galvano aluminum trim around the side windows that reinforces CTS’s craftsmanship with the “line weighting” of an artist’s pencil –thicker in some areas and thinner in others to emphasize different proportions
  • Chevron-shaped center high-mounted stop lamp is inset in the leading edge of the trunk lid for a more elegant, integrated appearance
  • Through-fascia trapezoidal exhaust ports are accented with chrome trim

In addition to the two new exterior colors offered for 2017 –Bronze Dune Metallic and Silver Moonlight Metallic – other choices are Phantom Grey Metallic, Red Obsession Tintcoat, Crystal White Tintcoat, Radiant Silver Metallic, Black Raven, Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic, Stellar Black Metallic and Moonstone Metallic.

Interior design – an intuitive and connected cabin, reinforced with authentic materials

The spacious, driver-centric cockpit interior in the Cadillac CTS Sedan combines technology and hand-crafted appointments to support the driving experience. It’s an intuitive and connected cabin, with asymmetrical features that focus the controls and displays on the driver – reinforced with authentic materials and refined amenities to give it character that is distinctive in the segment.

An industry-exclusive, one-piece wrapped upper instrument panel flows from the base of the windshield down to the base of the center stack, while the “brow” over the instrument cluster reaches across the center stack, exemplifying the asymmetrical cues.

Several distinctive interior environments – including five two-tone combinations – are offered, each trimmed with authentic wood, carbon fiber or aluminum. Leather seating is available, including available full semi-aniline with hand-crafted, cut-and-sewn executions. The range of interior environments reflects the ambience of customers’ driving experiences, from relaxed touring to serious performance.

Interior color and trim choices include:

  • Light Platinum with Jet Black accents and high-gloss Sapele wood trim or aluminum trim
  • Jet Black with Jet Black accents and Natural Sapele wood trim or carbon fiber trim
  • Very Light Cashmere with Jet Black accents and Black Olive Ash wood trim
  • Jet Black with Morello Red accents and carbon fiber trim
  • Kona Brown with Jet Black accents and Natural Elm wood trim

The Cadillac CTS sedan also offers full-leather, 20-way adjustable front seats, which includes 14 power-assisted adjustments, a manual cushion length extension and four-way manual headrests. The 20-way full-leather seats are available, with 16-way adjustable seats standard with leather seats. The CTS’s standard seats feature 14-way adjustment and all seats were designed to deliver segment-leading comfort and craftsmanship. Heated and ventilated front seats are standard with leather seating and rear heated seats are available.

Additional interior features include:

  • Available Rear Camera Mirror
  • Standard Rear Vision Camera
  • Automatic heated and ventilated front seats with leather seating surfaces and heated steering wheel
  • Hand-wrapped and motorized cup holder lid in the center console that operates with a light touch, much like inserting a disc into a DVD player
  • Adaptive remote start feature that also activates the climate control system
  • Electrically actuated and locking glove box – with LED lighting and two tiers of storage – leads a list of multiple storage compartments that also includes a compartmentalized storage area in the center console, lit map pockets in all doors and a hidden storage area behind an articulating climate control/radio control panel
  • Storage under the center armrest includes auxiliary power points, including auxiliary jack and USB ports
  • Available indirect LED ambient lighting in the instrument panel, door panels, foot wells, door map pockets, various storage locations and the front door sills – where the Cadillac script is illuminated
  • Available tri-zone climate system includes vents in the rear of the center console for greater rear-seat comfort
  • Available manual rear door shades and power-operated rear window shade
  • Electronic park brake
  • Standard Bose 11-speaker sound system and available Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound system with 13 speakers
  • Available full color Head-Up Display and 12.3” HD reconfigurable cluster
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • Available Automatic Park Assist (includes front, parallel and perpendicular)


Recommended retail price (MSRP) starts from $46,555



Cadillac CTS Sedan

Body style / driveline:

four-door luxury sport luxury sedan, RWD/AWD (AWD not available on V-Sport)


unitized welded steel body with direct-mounted front cradle and rubber-isolated, multi-link independent rear suspension

EPA vehicle class:

midsize car

Manufacturing location:

Lansing Grand River Assembly, Lansing, Mich.



2.0L Turbo DI VVT

3.6L V-6 DI VVT

Twin-Turbo 3.6L DI VVT

Displacement (cu in / cc):

122 / 1998

223 / 3649

217 / 3564

Bore & stroke (in / mm):

3.39 x 3.39 / 86 x 86

3.74 x 3.37 / 95 x 85.8

3.70 x 3.37 / 94 x 85.6

Block material:

cast aluminum

cast aluminum w/ cast-in-place iron bore liners

cast aluminum

Cylinder head material:

cast aluminum

cast aluminum

cast aluminum


DOHC, four-valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing

DOHC, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing; Active Fuel Management

DOHC, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing

Fuel delivery:

direct high-pressure fuel injection

direct high-pressure fuel injection

direct high-pressure fuel injection

Compression ratio:




Horsepower (hp / kW @ rpm):

268 / 200 @ 5600 (SAE cerfified)

335 / 250 @ 6800

(SAE certified)

420 / 313 @ 5750 (SAE certified)

Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):

295 / 400 @ 3000-4500 (SAE certified)

285 / 386 @ 5300 (SAE certified)

430 / 583 @ 3500-4500 (SAE certified)

Recommended fuel:

premium recommended but not required

regular unleaded

premium required

Maximum engine speed (rpm):




EPA-estimated fuel economy (city / hwy):

21 / 30 (RWD) – EPA est.

20 / 30 (RWD) – EPA est.

16 / 24 (RWD) – EPA est.



Hydra-Matic 8L45 paddle-shift eight-speed, electronically controlled, automatic overdrive with torque converter clutch

eight-speed, electronically controlled automatic overdrive with torque converter clutch


2.0L Turbo and 3.6L V-6

Twin-Turbo 3.6L V-6

Gear ratios (:1):






























Final drive ratio:

3.85 (RWD)

3.27 (AWD)




rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (AWD not avail. with Twin Turbo engine in V-Sport)


open differential (RWD/AWD) or optional electronic limited-slip (FE3/V-Sport)


FE2: MacPherson-type with dual lower ball joints, twin-tube struts and direct-acting stabilizer bar or uplevel optional Magnetic Ride Control with monotube inverted struts 

FE3: MacPherson-type with dual lower ball joints, direct-acting stabilizer bar and Magnetic Ride Control with monotube inverted struts


FE2: independent five-link with twin-tube shock absorbers or uplevel optional Magnetic Ride Control with monotube shocks

FE3: independent five-link with Magnetic Ride Control with monotube shocks

Steering type:

ZF rack-mounted electric, power-assisted and variable assist

Steering ratio:

FE2 RWD: 16.5

FE2 AWD: 16.2

FE3 RWD: 15.4

Steering turns, lock-to-lock:

FE2 RWD: 2.6

FE2 AWD: 2.8

FE3 RWD: 2.5

Turn circle (ft / m):

FE2 RWD: 37.1 / 11.3

FE2 AWD: 39 / 11.9

FE3 RWD: 36.7 / 11.5

Chassis control:

four-channel StabiliTrak w/ brake assist and traction control


Wheel size and type:

17 x 8.5-inch aluminum

18 x 8.5-inch aluminum

18 x 9.5-inch aluminum (rear wheels on V-Sport)

19 x 8.5-inch aluminum

Tire size:



275/35R18 (rear tires on V-Sport)




four-wheel discs; front: 4-piston aluminum Brembo fixed calipers; rear: single-piston cast iron sliding calipers; four-channel ABS/TCS w/ DRP

Rotor type and  thickness -- front (in / mm):

standard: 12.6 / 321 vented, with Ferritic Nitro Carburized process for corrosion resistance; aluminum dual-piston calipers

uplevel: 13.6 / 345 vented, with Ferritic Nitro Carburized process for corrosion resistance; aluminum dual-piston calipers

Rotor type and  thickness – rear (in / mm):

standard: 12.4 / 315 vented, with Ferritic Nitro Carburized process for corrosion resistance; aluminum single-piston calipers

uplevel: 12.4 / 315 vented, with Ferritic Nitro Carburized process for corrosion resistance; single-piston, cast iron sliding calipers


Wheelbase (in / mm):

114.6 / 2910

Length (in / mm):

195.5 / 4966

Height (in / mm):

57.2 / 1454

Width (in / mm):

72.2 / 1833

Track (in / mm):

front: 61.4 / 1560

rear: 61.7 / 1568

Base curb weight (lb / kg):

3652 / 1656 (2.0L Turbo RWD)

3814 / 1730 (2.0L Turbo AWD)

3757 / 1704 (3.6L RWD)

3924 / 1780 (3.6L AWD)

3992 / 1811 (3.6L Twin-Turbo)

Weight distribution

(% front / rear):

50 / 50

Legroom (in / mm):

front: 42.6 / 1081

rear: 35.4 / 899

Headroom (in / mm):

front: 39.2 / 995

rear: 37.5 / 952

Shoulder room (in / mm):

front: 56.9 / 1446

rear: 54.8 / 1392

Hip room (in / mm):

front: 53.8 / 1366

rear: 53.3 / 1353


Seating capacity

(front / rear):

2 / 3

EPA passenger volume

(cu ft / L):

97 / 2746

EPA trunk volume

(cu ft / L):

13.7 / 388

Trailer towing maximum

(lb / kg):

1000 / 454 (3.6L)

Fuel tank (gal / L):

19 / 72

Engine oil (qt / L):

2.0L Turbo: 5 / 4.7 (RWD); 6 / 5.7 (AWD)

3.6L: 6 / 5.7 (RWD & AWD)

3.6L Twin-Turbo: 7 / 6.6

Cooling system (qt / L):

2.0L Turbo: 9 / 8.5

3.6L: 11.9 / 11.3

3.6L Twin-Turbo engine: 11.9 / 11.3

3.6L Twin-Turbo charge cooler: 1.7 / 1.6

4.5 Out of 5