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There are only a few cars that can compete with the Volkswagen Beetle in terms of popularity and historical importance. Strangely, the Beetle is still on the market looking fresh and cool.

2016 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen markets its iconic car with the MSRP starting at $19,795. The basic Beetle 1.8T has three trims to choose from: S ($19,795), SE ($21,350), and SEL ($25,975). the more advanced Beetle R-Line 2.0T, in turn, has two trims to choose from: R-Line SE ($25,995) and R-Line SEL ($32,245). There are also two exclusive models: the Beetle Dune and the Beetle Convertible Denim. Their price starts from $25,995. Next year, the company will add the Volkswagen #Pinkbeetle to the lineup.

how much does a volkswagen beetle cost

2017 Volkswagen #Pinkbeetle © Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen Beetle’s Generations

The Beetle debuted as a mass production model a long time ago, before the WWII. Since then, it was sold more than 20,000,000 times. However, the original car and its succeeding generations are the part of history now. In 1997, Volkswagen presented the New Beetle. The production of the first-generation New Beetle lasted from 1998 to 2011. Then, the current, second generation took its turn.

Volkswagen Beetle’s Future

Despite its iconic appearance and status, the modern Volkswagen Beetle has been criticized. Apparently, the model lacks too much – it is not fuel-efficient, there is no four-wheel drive option even for the off-road ‘Beetle Dune’, and it costs more than its rivals. As a result, the car that had gained immortality in the past century doesn’t make any difference on the market now. Probably, the company will be trying to refresh it once again in the near future, because everyone knows the name and shape of the Volkswagen Beetle – the car advertises itself without PR.