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When you want to combine compactness and spaciousness in a car, you will have to accept that there are limits which you cannot circumvent (or the comfort and safety of passengers will be heavily reduced). However, Japanese are known for their engineering genius. And one of those geniuses created the Nissan Rogue, the smallest SUV with 3rd-row seating.

2016 Nissan Rogue

The MSRP for the 2016 Nissan Rogue starts at $23,290. In order to have a 3rd-row seating, it is also necessary to purchase the S Family Package that costs $1,190.

Exterior dimensions of this little fellow are as follows: wheelbase – 106.5 in, overall length – 182.3 in, overall width – 72.4 in, overall height without roof rails – 66.3 in, overall height with roof rails – 67.5 in, track width – 62.8 in.

Interior dimensions: headroom without moonroof (front) – 41.6 in, headroom with moonroof (front) – 39.5 in, headroom without moonroof (2nd-row) – 38.5 in, headroom with moonroof (2nd-row) – 36.6 in, headroom (2nd-row with Family Package) – 38.8 in, headroom (3rd-row with Family Package) – 34.6 in, leg room (front) – 43.0 in, leg room (2nd-row) – 37.9 in, leg room (2nd-row with Family Package) – 37.4 in, leg room (3rd-row with Family Package) – 31.4 in, hip room (front) – 54.0 in, hip room (2nd-row) – 52.1, hip room (2nd-row with Family Package) – 51.9, hip room (3rd-row with Family Package) – 42 in, shoulder room (front) – 56.6 in, shoulder room (2nd-row), – 55.9 in, shoulder room (2nd-row with Family Package) – 56 in, shoulder room (3rd-row with Family Package) – 49.3 in.

As you can see, 3rd-row seating will not fit adults. It is designed for children.

small suv with 3rd row seating

2016 Nissan Rogue © Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


There are no equally small SUVs with 3rd-row seating in the US; however, there are some larger SUVs with 3rd-row seating for a similar price. You can look into one of these: Dodge Journey, Mitsubishi OutlanderKia Sorento.

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